Northeast GNU/Linux Fest 2014, Boston

April 12th, 2014 by Aditya Patawari Leave a reply »

ne-linuxfest-logo-200pxI am just back from Northeast GNU/Linux Fest 2014, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It is a one day event organised by a couple of volunteers in Boston.

Lately I have been helping to migrate the existing Puppet modules to Ansible at Fedora Infra team. So I was invited to talk about “Building Orchestration and Configuration¬†with Ansible at Fedora Project“. I reached the venue, Residence Inn – Marriot, and went to Red Hat booth. I met up with Matthew Miller. He works on Cloud related technologies at Red Hat and Fedora and I hope to contribute towards Docker so we had some chat about getting some easy fix stuff done. I have already contributed a bit to Scott Collier’s repo of Dockerfiles. Talking to Matthew was exciting. He had a lot of insights on and the upcoming cloud offerings.

Mario was also supposed to be there and talk about Status of Fedora Projects but he had to cancel at the last minute so we had an impromptu session by Matthew who volunteered to answer the questions regarding the Fedora Project. I also attended a session on Docker by Will Weaver who gave great demos on how to use Docker and its benefits. My talk was just before the keynote talk. I think it went great. One key difference which I observed with American audience is that they are much more interactive. The session involved a great deal of involvement from audience which was very nice. I attended Jon “Maddog” Hall‘s keynote next. That was a session filled with unparalleled energy. I loved every bit of it. Maddog talked about the evolution of Linux and how it became what it is today. That was a really amazing talk.

With this one, the Northeast GNU/Linux Fest came to an end. I stayed for a few more days and roamed around Boston, Cambridge, MIT Museum and MIT Media Lab and had a great time.


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  1. Leslie Satenstein says:

    Nice to read about your experience. Hopefully, the next NE Linux Fest could take place further North and just as far east.

    Montreal Canada is a wonderful place to meet multilingual Linux experts (French, English, Spanish, Romanian, Chinese, and more). Other languages include C, C++, Python, Java, and more.

    Your description of the JMH keynote was very very interesting.

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