2010 Day 2

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Here was the day we were waiting for. The Fedora mini conf was supposed to be started at 02:00 pm. We were prepared quite well and so it began on time. Rahul went on the podium to welcome all the attendees and to announce our list of talks. We had a total of 6 talks and 2 workouts planned which was very nice. Mine was the second one, next to Amit’s talk on virtualization. Amit spoke about virtualization, more specifically about kvm, libvert and qemu. His talk was kinda cool and really reflected the amount of knowledge he has.

By the time his talk was about to end, I was getting a bit nervous. It always happens to me that I get a bit nervous before giving a talk or an interview but then when I am on stage the nervousness just vanishes and luckily that happened at too. I walked on the stage just to discover that my laptop is not connecting with the projector. Thanks to Amit I was able to give my talk using his laptop. I started out good and I am quite sure that what I said was quite good but I prepared a really small talk, just a 15 minute talk. Actually I was counting on QnA a lot (I realized that it was a mistake). When I walked down after telling everyone about Fedora Students Contributing program and Fedora KDE Netbook Spin I was a bit skeptical because unlike other speakers who at least talked for 40 minutes I was done in around 15-20 minutes. Though I was a relaxed somewhat after reading a tweet about my talk and a mention on Shreyank’s blog. Arun was next after me with an additional responsibility to make up for the time I saved. His original talk which was as small as mine was extended to some 40 minutes. He talked about Emacs, its plugins and packaging them. I really enjoyed his talk owing to the atmosphere he created. It was a perfect blend of knowledgeable content and some cool jokes.

After Arun’s talk both of us went upstairs at workout area to organize the Fedora For Kids workout which was converted into a packaging workshop due to not-so-good internet connectivity. We were followed by some 20 odd people ranging from students to professors and IT professionals, one of the largest workout strength on a single table. What I appreciated the most was that people were ready to sit on floor to learn packaging. That was some commitment and interest! Arun started to tell people about the basics of packaging and I started  to help the people who were stuck (yeah, packaging can be tricky at times).

In the mean while Rahul came up for a round and was quite happy with the interest of the people and decided to carry out a packaging session in the mini-conf hall itself. Rahul is an awesome packager and both me and Arun have learned packaging by reading the logs of Rahul’s IRC classrooms (and of course bugging him and Ankur when something gets screwed up). That was the last of Fedora mini-conf at The day ended for me with the keynote about Kernel Security. I wasn’t there for the band performance because they were just too loud me (and Arun, Amit and Juan). We went for dinner with Hiemanshu at Chandni Chowk and it was fun. Now back to hotel.

PS: Thanks Juan for buying us dinner and Hiemanshu for picking a cool place. You guys rock! :)


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