2010 Day 1

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These are my post posts, one for each day. Enjoy!

Bangalore is a new city for me. I don’t know the places and language spoken here, so was lost for most of time but strangely enough looked like a familiar place even though it was my first time here. It was a nice experience to meet people physically whom I had known only on IRC and mailing lists. I was a bit nervous before I met everyone because I am the junior most member of the Fedora contingent at but after meeting everyone that feeling vanished in minutes. had a great start actually, a bit delayed though but great. The keynote by Danese Cooper was really exciting and encouraging. It gave an insight into the infrastructure of mediawiki and few other related projects. They have only 60 employees across the world but a strong community, a perfect example of open source project survival just like what we have at Fedora Project, a huge and awesome community.

After the wikimedia talk I went to the Meego mini-conf. I wanted to see Meego in action as well as how do mini-confs are organized. I liked the interface of meego but still I wasn’t patient enough to give my soul rest for a few hours at one place so I attended a few of the talks and walked out. I did attend Lennart talk partially on systemd. After that I was there for the Rahul’s talk on the failures of Fedora and the lessons learned from them. I think it takes a lot of courage to talk about the mistakes you did to others and tell them how to avoid it, we do this at Fedora Project. Yes, we are a bit weird! Rahul’s talk was a keynote and judging by the tweets I am sure a lot of people, including me, enjoyed it.

That was the end of the day for us at but certainly not the end of the day for us in Bangalore. The entire Fedora and Red Hat contingent went for food at Firangi Paani, Forum mall and it was awesome. We talked about all the tech stuff in the world and we had an awesome time. We were back at around 11:30 pm in night and were a bit anxious about the next day since we had a Fedora mini-conf to organize. Strangely no one was able to use wi-fi except me :) Sleep now!



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